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Scarves Of Pavolvsky Posad Saga One particular

 投稿者:mono  投稿日:2012年 5月 9日(水)17時10分53秒
  There's a long history of textiles and textile market in Russia. Amongst probably the most famous enterprises would be the two hundred year old, Pavlovsky Posad, the manufacturer of silk and wool scarves, shawls and pashminas.

The fashionable wearing of a silk and wool shawl came to Russia from the Middle East in the beginning of 19c. Shawls became a intelligent supplement to a female costume as well as a component of interior dor. The shawls and scarves were among loved ones treasures handed down from generation to generation.

They 1st attracted the consideration with the Russian upper classes as they were light, warm and glamorous. Furthermore, Napoleon brought a wool shawl to his beloved Josephine as a gift, and all ladies belonging towards the Russian court immediately began copying her as an etalon of Parisian style.

By the middle of 19c woven shawls were replaced by printed patterns which made them more reasonably priced for common persons. Several shawl factories opened in and about Moscow, and a single of them was the well-known Pavlovsky Posad factory that is nevertheless manufacturing towards the very same high quality at this time.

Pavlovsky Posad is named following the town where it really is situated, was established in 1795 and had develop into the major exponent in the industry by the finish of 19c. At this time, it\`s the only enterprise of its kind in Russia - it has the identical respect as Russian Matrioshka and is really a Russian national symbol.

Raw materials were distributed amongst village weavers who worked from residence making use of their own looms and then plain wool or silk scarves had been manually printed at the factory. The good results from the Pavlovsky Posad has brought considerable wealth for the local population. The factory has created its personal patented style and throughout the past 150 years has won all sorts of national and international awards.

The original style of the Pavlovsky Posad wool shawl was developed in ochre-red shades and had distinguishable floral or Oriental paisley pattern. The accents had been traditionally produced on corners exactly where artists would location big and extra complicated ornaments. Following religious trends numerous scarfs would possess a cruciform inside the middle. They were traditionally square, with the fringe around perimeter.

Within the 1860s, Pavlovsky Posad females scarves and pashminas had been on a regular basis supplied to the Grand Duchess of Russia. They also became widely out there across the massive territory from the Russian Empire.

Ladies wore Pavlovsky Posad scarves wraps as a vital detail of their costume ?as a head scarf or neck scarf or as a shawl wrap. Very frequently scarves and pashminas were applied as a fabric to make a skirt or possibly a jacket. They had been also frequently employed as costume detail for a Russian priest.


 投稿者:teacup.運営  投稿日:2012年 5月 9日(水)17時05分20秒